What Will I Learn in So Short a Time?

ALPs students come to Hanover with many life experiences and different bases of language acquisition. Below, there is a wide-brushed overview that will correspond with close approximation to each language level.

The instruction of language embraces five components (structure, comprehension, vocabulary, fluency, and accent), which we present in a unique and highly effective fashion, along with cultural applications. All reinforcement drills are rendered through dynamic, rhythmic pacing.

N.B.: All courses meet the criteria listed below.

Beginner Level

Along with a sound grammatical basis, you will be able to develop to communicate autobiographical data, including names, state of health, description of family and home, city of residence, etc.: give and receive directions; use the number system, tell time, and deal with money; describe the weather, seasons, and order food and drink.

Intermediate Levels

As an intermediate student you will find our program an excellent refresher course, which will solidify your understanding through speaking and living in the language. You will cover all the most vital elements and structures of the language in classes that focus on practical communication; your vocabulary will increase and you will become at ease in structured discussions.

Advanced Levels

The rhythmic drills continue at Advanced A and B levels. As an advanced student, after a review of significant grammatical elements, the emphasis will turn to more complex self expressions and expanding communication skills. These levels will focus on conversation; use of idiomatic language, and cultural data. Many teachers of language enroll at this level for a variety of reasons, such as: wanting to compare teaching methods and strategies and to add to their teaching resources. Incidentally, some of the former teachers who have taken ALPs become teachers in the ALPs.

Our goal at each level is to help you attain fluency within the linguistic categories listed above and familiarization with the culture of the language. We stake our reputation on our ability to demystify grammar and to make language acquisition an uncomplicated and enjoyable adventure.