Financial Need

Through the generosity of individual donors, scholarships are awarded to defray ALPs costs to students who are not otherwise able to attend without financial assistance. Each summer the Rassias Center offers a variety of awards in dollar amounts averaging $800. The Center’s Scholarship Committee awards prizes based on the essays submitted by the participants. If you meet the criteria for more than one scholarship, it is possible to apply for several, however, the Center will award only one scholarship per recipient.

Application Procedure

In order to apply for a scholarship, you need to be an enrolled ALPs participant. Applicants must select a scholarship for which they are eligible and write an essay. Please make sure to follow the suggested essay guidelines.  Please make sure to include your name and which scholarship you are applying for. Essays can be emailed, faxed to our office (603-646-2240), or sent by postal mail.

Essay Guidelines

All essays should be about 500 words, typed, double-spaced, and in English. Please pay attention to the requested essay topic. If you are applying for more than one scholarship, you can submit the same essay for each as long as the essay is appropriate for each topic. If there are different essay topics, please submit an additional essay. Please make sure that you indicate which scholarship you would like to be considered for.

Notification Procedures

All essays are due by, May 1, 2020 and successful applicants will be notified around May 8, 2020, depending on the number of applications.

Scholarships Available:

Essay topic (for all but the Quatrano Scholarship) How languages change my life; what this scholarship will help me accomplish.

The Michael Woolley Scholarship

Honors the memory of Michael Woolley, class of 1985. Michael died in a climbing accident in the Andes. He was a student of language, an outdoor enthusiast, and always an explorer.

  • Available to Dartmouth students, alumni, or children of alumni

The Laurie Van Buskirk Scholarship

Honors an alumna, Laurie Van Buskirk, who died in an accident in Belgium, following her graduation from Dartmouth in 1980. Laurie had a great love for languages. She was an outdoors woman, a language and literature student, an involved citizen of the Dartmouth community and of the world.

  • Available to Dartmouth students, alumni, or children of alumni

The Ariana Pagani Scholarship

This scholarship in Italian and French is offered in the memory of Ariana Pagani, class of 1993, who was a lover of life, an energetic and enthusiastic supporter of language at Dartmouth, a patient and indefatigable Assistant Teacher of Center programs and in the department.

  • Available to the general public for study in Italian and French

The Luke Wilson Scholarship

The family of Luke Wilson, Dartmouth ‘34, honors Mr. Wilson’s life-long passion for languages. He enjoyed with zest the environment and mission of the ALPs.

  • Available to high school teachers of French or Italian

The Donald Havens Scholarship

Don served as Program Manager of the Rassias Center for many years, while pursuing a love of the Italian language and opera.

  • Available to the general public

The Micheline Lyons Scholarship

Micheline held the post of Executive Director of the Center until 1994. She taught in the ALPs and had a strong interest in working with language teachers at the Center and in the community.

  • Available to teachers

The Susan Carnochan Scholarship

Susan was the Director of our Baruch Satellite for 12 years and has now returned to the language classroom. We honor her contributions to language education. She blends exceptional teaching with full mastery of our methodology.

  • Available to high school teachers of Spanish

The Steve Quatrano Scholarship

This award is in honor of Stephen Quatrano, a Dartmouth graduate of the Class of '81, former drill instructor par excellence, gifted artist and Italian scholar, who poses his own question:

"Why is studying Italian so important to you specifically? Wouldn't French or Spanish be more useful in the world?"

  • Available to the general public for study in Italian