The program described below is not being offered during the Spring and Summer of 2020 and the following information is offered for informational purposes only

The ALPs Family


Today our students come to us from so many corners of the world we could never list them all here. They all seek language learning, whether to further career or personal goals - and many times both! Recent students include members of the US National Ski & Snowboard Team learning German and Spanish for training trips, doctors studying Spanish to better serve their patients, and American Airlines Flight Attendants acquiring new languages to advance their careers.

People come as individuals, each with something special to offer. From college students getting course credit to octogenarians wanting to brush up their language skills, ALPs benefits from exciting diversity!

Master Teachers

Master Teachers (MTs) are college-level faculty trained in the Rassias Method. MTs each have their own special connection to the language that they bring to the classroom. Recent French MTs have come from regions as diverse as France, Haiti, and Los Angeles with professions ranging from computer programmers to brigadier generals. We have tenured professors, private school teachers, dramaturges, musicians, college deans, and Francophone literature specialists in our eclectic ranks. Together, our MTs provide a varied and interesting perspective on the language and culture that they teach.

In these master classes students actively learn the structural and cultural elements of the language. Every attempt is made to demystify and de-jargonize the language and to involve students completely in the learning process. In eliciting responses from the students, the Master Teacher strives to secure an emotional reaction in order to ensure true cognition.

Assistant Teachers

Assistant Teachers (ATs) come from Dartmouth College and beyond. We have native speakers, undergraduates, and general language enthusiasts. Our ATs, through their divergent backgrounds, share a passion for language, for teaching, and for bringing language to life.

Highly skilled and thoroughly trained, our ATs reinforce material taught in the Master Class through rapid-fire language exercises. Drills are conducted with a choreographed delivery that replicates the rhythm of the language, building confidence in the use of the language in a non-threatening, noncompetitive environment.