April 20, 2020: There will be no on-campus programs at Dartmouth College this Spring or Summer.


Accelerated Language Programs (ALPs)

ALPS 2020

Minimum age for ALPs is 18.

alps_teachersSince 1980, students of all ages and interests have immersed themselves in a new language and culture through the Accelerated Language Programs (ALPs) using the Rassias Method®. People with a passion for languages and limited time join our unique program every year in order to learn a language by speaking it from day one. Language teachers also attend in an effort to expand their knowledge and cultural awareness of the language they teach.

Developed for training Peace Corps volunteers in the early 1960s and adapted to college level instruction in 1967, the Rassias Method is a combination of dramatic techniques, rhythmic drills, and energetic reinforcement strategies that make learning an engaging experience, while eliminating inhibitions. The Rassias Method is widely used in colleges and schools throughout the country and abroad.


Language Immersion the Rassias Way (aka for language masochists)

Our goal is to make you feel comfortable and natural with the language immediately in an error tolerant atmosphere. Each day of ALPs increases your oral proficiency and features practical applications of the language. You will be in the company of motivated people for whom language is culture and culture is language. We look forward to welcoming you to our campus and to seeing you this summer.