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Accelerated Language Program for Youths (ALPs-FY)

An intensive program for rising high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors

Languages and Levels

We are offering three levels each of French, Italian, and Spanish

Level 1

Level 1 consists of students with little or no knowledge of the target language. By the end of the two-week session, our goal is for the students to greet one another, introduce themselves, and talk about basic actions in the present tense, including many irregular verbs. For example, in addition to vocabulary acquired during semi-structured activity time, students will be expected to converse as such: “ I like oranges,” “The sky is blue,” “He dances to the music,” “My name is XX and I enjoy playing ice hockey,” “I read many books,” “I am XX years old,” “I am going to dinner,” “The soccer ball is in the woods,” etc.   They should be able to ask simple questions, such as “what is this,” “how are you,” “how do you say...,” “why,” etc.  

Level 2

Students coming into the level 2 classroom have experienced most if not all of the present tense and have started to learn the past tense, though they have not as yet mastered it. They have basic vocabulary lists memorized, though not necessarily readily recalled, and are ready for more specific vocabulary in areas such as food, professions, travel, etc. The goal for these students is to have a firm grasp of the present and past tenses, and be able to speak simple sentences without hesitation. They should be able to express themselves using complex sentences. They will move on to more complex conjugations, such as the imperfect and the future tense. Their level of fluidity when speaking should be high in limited areas of conversation, while mistakes are still made on the new and complex structures. 

Level 3

The average level 3 student has seen many complex conjugations, but does not yet speak with fluidity or confidence.  By the end of  two weeks together, these students should be able to speak with continued confidence and fluidity on a variety of subjects and in most tenses. The goal is to make them feel at ease with difficult grammar points. Rassias® Techniques will stretch the students in and out of the classroom with group based projects that will continue reinforcing these skills with natural conversation.

Last Updated: 7/25/18