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February 29th - March 1st, 2020

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"Please provide details on your experience with the language which you are enrolling in (course work and/or life experience):"
This is perhaps the most important question on the entire enrollment form. What we are looking for is information which will help us gauge your level of speaking ability. "I have traveled to Spain" or "My spouse is Italian" or "I studied in an immersion course in France" are not appropriate answers, however the following answers are very helpful: "When visiting Spain last year, I was able to communicate in very basic/memorized sentences to order food or ask where the bathroom was" or "My spouse is Italian and we routinely converse, I am able to comprehend most tenses though I can't always produce them" or "I was a total beginner when I attended a three-week long immersion course last summer in France in which I only spoke French. I still really need to work on all my verb tenses, including basic irregular verbs."


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