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Below is an update from Executive Director Helene Rassias on a few of our programs from this past year! For a more extensive list from past years, please see our Calendar.

As the harshest months of the New England winter are upon us, we think back to a warmer time…

July 2009: Inter-American Partnership for Education (IAPE), Teacher’s Collaborative

Forty extraordinary folks were part of our lives for two fast-paced weeks in July. (Their days went from 8AM to 9PM with about 4 hours of contact with John Rassias all but one of those days.) It is hard to describe the commitment and energy these teachers brought us. We are, quite simply, touched and enthused to be part of this program. There was much Dartmouth support. The College’s new president, Jim Yong Kim, and Provost Barry Scherr met with Worldfund Executive Director Luanne Zurlo ’87, Worldfund Board Chairman Steve Schindler (Executive Chairman of Nextel), and myself as the participants arrived. Provost Scherr also spoke to the participants during the course of the program. All of our dedicated speakers and hosts gave so much to the IAPE program; we are humbled by and grateful for our friendships. As always, it was a delight to work with IAPE Director Jim Citron ’86.

For more details, see:

John Rassias and Jim Citron also recorded a podcast about the program:

In addition, the following video about one of the 2008’s IAPE teachers was shown this June at the Worldfund Gala. Brenda (the teacher featured) spoke before 450 people at the Gala to a standing ovation!


July 2009: ALPs at Kimball Union Academy

Helping with the Kimball Union Academy experience was both and exciting and a bit overwhelming! Lead by Scribner Fauver, Dartmouth ’82, we all learned so much about this type of intensive language program for middle school to high school age children! KUA was a great success and we are grateful to our colleagues for the hours and the laughter they put into this rapidly expanding language camp!

June-July 2009: ALPS #28 at Dartmouth

‘Twas a small and enthusiastic group! Despite lower numbers, we are happy to report that, as always, fabulous teaching brought about powerful learning. Following is one of our favorite bits of feedback: (After the question, “Now that ALPs is over, what adjectives would you use to describe your experience?”) “Far and away the best way to learn (or improve) a foreign language. Exhausting but exhilarating. Rejuvenating. A mental workout. A complete treat. Language camp for grownups. I haven’t laughed so much in a long time. A wonderful group experience…”

June 2009: Breakthrough, New Haven

Thanks to Dartmouth alum Mike Van Leesten ’89, we continue our relationship with the Breakthrough/Summerbridge program. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this group, the Breakthrough/Summerbridge mission is two-fold; to help “high-potential, low-income middle-school students” understand their academic potential and to help high school and college age students experience a classroom of their own in order to see if, through this peer mentoring, they might pursue education as a career. I must say it was challenging and rewarding to spend two days training high school and college age students as they embarked on their lesson plans.

For more information, please see:

March 2009: Guadalajara, Mexico

Intensive English for Mexican Public School Teachers followed by a Rassias Method® workshop. This program was identical to the pilot we tested for twenty ESL teachers in 2007. The 39 participants (TOEFL under 500) worked hard on their fluidity and produced wonderful lesson samples during the workshop. As always, our travel team was incredible!

Last Updated: 8/14/13